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Light the Hoan is a collective of local business and civic leaders who have joined forces to illuminate the Daniel Hoan Memorial Bridge. The group has launched a $1.5 million public crowdfunding campaign to help raise funds for the urban infrastructure project. Over the course of the one-year campaign, the group plans to meet with area influencers, as well as community and business partners to invite private sponsorship to help raise the remaining estimated $4 million cost of the project.


Our crowdfunding goal is $1.5M. The overall project cost is estimated between $4M and $5.5M. The exact cost will be determined as we finalize our global search for design proposals from lighting companies later this year.


The monies raised from both the public and private fundraising campaigns will go toward installing thousands of computer-controlled LED lights to illuminate the Hoan Bridge. A portion of the funds will also be put into a reserve fund to provide for regular bridge maintenance up to 10 years.


While we’re pretty stoked about lighting up Milwaukee’s skyline, we believe harnessing as many positive stories as possible has the power to spark cultural and economic changes. With every light bulb representing a positive Milwaukee story, we not only see lighting the bridge as an Instagram-worthy opportunity to bring more beauty and value to downtown– but also as a symbolic representation of “bridging Milwaukeeans together.” Municipalities across the country have used similar bridge lighting initiatives to revitalize waterfronts and to create new centers for community-building activities and engagement.


We believe telling the positive stories emerging from Milwaukee has powerful value. By hosting these stories on the Light the Hoan website and sharing them throughout the local media, we’ll be promoting stories that highlight the city’s positive, diverse and inclusive relationships. We also believe these stories can serve as a catalyst for even more citywide partnerships, initiating connections and change for further community impact.


Gifts for the purpose of lighting the Hoan Bridge will be processed by Paypal Inc., and managed by the Greater Milwaukee Foundation, the administrator of the Hoan Bridge Lighting Fund. The fund is a charitable fund and donations to it are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.