"Richard Schimmel"

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Richard Schimmel

By: Jim and Carolyn Boeder

Commitment to family and faith were cornerstones of Richard Schimmel's life.

He was an all-conference standout in football and track at Marquette Universityy High School. He also excelled in speed skating. He was a proud grad of Marquette University and a member of the National Guard.

He married his high school sweetheart, Rosemary Haubner. Married for 65 + years. Together they raised five children. They had nine grandchildren and 17 great-grandchildren. Dick was a very successful district sales manager for Schlitz brewery for 20+ years. He then began another 25+ years as a self-employed painting contractor.

In 1988 he began his work of faith providing free rosaries and other religious items to a wide variety of groups around the country and the globe. He eventually distributed over 3,000,000 rosaries. He was know as "The Rosary Man".

Some of the his memorable experiences were being at the 1967 "Ice Bowl", flying on the Concorde at the EAA and many trips with Rosemary. They enjoyed getting together with their "social group" of early morning walkers at Mayfair Mall.

He left quite a "legacy" to his family.