"Yvonne Adams"

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Yvonne Adams

By: Cynthia Adams

This light is a dedication to the life Yvonne Adams lived and the joy she gave to the world. If you knew Ms. Yvonne, you loved Ms. Yvonne. She was known to treat friends, co-workers, and the kids in the neighborhood like her own. Known for being an early riser who loved to go to the casino, she was a delight to be around, especially when she danced and laughed. One of her favorite ways to show her love was through her food, which filled everyone's soul. An innovated problem solver due to the circumstances, she painted and did plumbing or whatever was needed to get done in the house. Reliable, responsible, and always being respectful and hospitable to all, she carried the reputation of being of high character and with integrity who always kept her word. While she left the earth, her legacy is still thriving. This light is a dedication to show our eternal gratitude that she has made to our family and those who she has touched.