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Jack and Erin

When you look at the lights on the bridge, you’ll always know which one is yours, because it’s the brightest light of them all…just like you!! Love you SO much! Grandma-Grandma Grandpa

Cecilia Wagner

Congratulations on your baptism. You have been a light through 2020.

The City, MKE baby!!!

To the Diverse and Resilient city of Milwaukee. We are a collective of great people with heart, integrity, and compassion. Let's never forget that!

Avalos Family

This is Dedicated to the Avalos Family. Juan, Carrie and your family.

Grandma Jan

Happy Birthday Grandma Jan! We Love You!

Robert C. Johnson, Milwaukee County Expressway Commission Chair

This bulb is dedicated to Robert C. Johnson, who served as a commissioner and then Chair of the Milwaukee County Expressway Commission from 1954 – 1969. In the attached photo dated April 5, 1967, Mr. Johnson (right) celebrates the defeat of the City of Milwaukee lakefront expressway referendum (which included the Hoan). With Johnson are two freeway proponents on the County Board – Marty Larsen (left) and Earl Keegan (center). Due to confusing language in the city referendum insisted by anti – freeway forces – also noted by Congressman Clement Zablocki – city residents had to vote NO if they

John Hittman

To my dad who lights up every room he enters  This is one light bulb you don’t have to worry about changing! Love, Patti

Ev Kaye Michaels

Ashley and Ryan Michaels welcomed their first child, a daughter, Ev Kaye Michaels on January 4, 2021. She will be the light of their lives and mine! Welcome, Ev Kaye! We love you.


To the best daddydaddy a boy could ask for. I may only be 1, but you fill my life with love, faith, hope, learning and fun. I love you! -Leo (P.s. Por tous jours Nate, happy birthday! -your girl)


Carleen – this bulb is for you!

Cari Matter

We dedicate this light to our mother, who is a constant light in our lives. We love you so much and hope you never dull your shine.

Peter Putra

For my Grandson Peter who lights up my life.

Winton E Blexrud

As a surveyor for the WI DOT, Dad helped build roads all over our state. He loved the Great Lakes and taking road trips around them. May his light for adventure shine on in the rest of us.

Harriet Marie Blexrud

Mom left us 30 years ago on New Years Day. She was the center of our world. Athlete, mathlete, maker and most of all mother. We miss her so.


Dedicated for my Milwaukee daughter and those she loves, shining in the city she so enjoys.

Neil and Patricia Boeder

We would like to dedicate this bulb in memory of two wonderful, generous, loving parents who always demonstrated to their children how much they were loved and provided a beautiful example of marriage and parenthood. So fortunate to have been blessed with them as our parents.

Jen Schneider

The HOAN is a common conversation driving home, crossing over its high point, and calling you with my ETA. The light goes on and begins to glow letting me know that our friendship continues to grow. You are filled with kindness, caring, hope, and humor. May this bulb shine as a symbol of our unconditional love and be a beacon to others in your life. Love, Mary